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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The SCM Personal Protection Equipments are highly selected against security risks to your company and employee's health, for cases when there's no possibility to eliminate the risks where the activities are done, protecting its user from possible trouble.


SCM Solutions brings you solutions in fixing with quality, efficiency and fair price, through selected products of national and international brands


The connections provided by SCM Solutions have quality, low price and wide variety of models, providing you excellent performance and guaranteed security in your services.


Our abrasive line is composed by efficient products in the process of wearing, polishing or cleaning other materials, making your company practical and effective in the wanted results.

Cargo Handling

SCM aims to meet your needs by bringing you the most complete line of lifting, lashing and moving materials. With a permanent stock of quality tools and equipment, it enables a personalized service offering and that brings quality products to its partners and customers.